Protecting Your Interests

Fiduciary oversight

Investment stewards wear many professional hats. While they may dedicate only limited time and resources to retirement plan issues, this fiduciary role presents a significant amount of personal risk in the corporate arena. Inundated with primary job functions, finance and human resources executives  may lament their lack of time and tools to fulfill their fiduciary accountabilities with a high level of assurance and protection.

To meet this potential void, Newton One offers a fiduciary oversight program that helps deliver protection and excellence in plan management through independent governance and monitoring. Through our independence, Newton One is able to serve our clients as a Plan Fiduciary.

Our oversight addresses the following fiduciary responsibilities for our clients:

  • Demonstrate prudence through a document trail
  • Understand the key factors around investment management decision making
  • Adhere to the plan document and the committees’ investment strategies
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Monitor service providers for fiduciary compliance

Investment Due Diligence

As a Plan Sponsor, it is paramount that employers consistently evaluate Plan investment offerings to ensure prudence. Newton One utilizes a proprietary research process that guides Plan committees in the selection of Plan Investment options. That process implements the following services to reduce fiduciary liability:

  • Helping form and guide investment committees
  • Developing Investment Policy Statements
  • Developing the proper investment platform
  • Conducting regular due diligence reviews (Benchmarking & Monitoring)
  • Replacing options when necessary